Astral Plane

1708 Lombard Street
Center City Atavistic
(215) 546-6230

Above Broad and completely above board is this Bohemian relic with hodge-podge decor from four decades ago when "I LIKE IKE" buttons had heft. A parachute of Korean War vintage is your ceiling, and each table appears seance-ready. A Twighlight Zone ambiance causes one to caution a breadbasket-carrying waiter with the only 1950's legal maxim eerily to come to mind: KLATU BERATTA NICTO. Vegetarians have their way at this shebang, so much so that "stir-fry" and "curry" are used frequently both as nouns and verbs. Grilled fish and chicken dishes have a smokey cheerfulness as if they were grilled over chips of Howdy Doody.

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